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Regenerative Medicine aims to rebuild tissue damaged by congenital issues, aging, trauma, or disease through a variety of therapeutic approaches. HCT/P’s (Human cells, tissues, or cellular or tissue-based products) are used in regenerative therapy to help the body heal naturally by reviving tissue growth and stimulating the healing process through the fluid's beneficial structural proteins like cytokines, hyaluronic acid, collagen and many other nutrients proven to aid tissue regeneration, and enhance cellular repair. Ultimately this provides the body the ideal environment it needs to revitalize damaged tissue and restore the target area to improved or full- functionality.

The Benefits:

From the injection the body is stimulated to heal naturally, saving you from surgeries that would use screws, plates, and other implantable devices.
Regenerative therapy is extremely low risk of complication and infection. All blood types are eligible for HCT/P’s as it is immune privileged.

Patients report fantastic results and celebrate the quick recovery rate, minimal downtime, and significant improvement in the target area.

Regenerative treatment is non-surgical, and is typically administered by a physician at an office location using local anesthetic for the injection site, or mild sedation depending on the procedure.

Our High Quality Product:

Medcore Biologix exclusively distributes high quality Chorion based flowables regulated by HCT/P’s and designated under the 361 section. All products have approval/indicated for soft tissue, joint and MSK injections.

The tissue is collected under the guide of good tissue practices during a cesarean section procedure from a healthy donor, this procedure is regulated under a 361-designation based on criteria outlined in 21 CFR 1271.10.

Each tissue is tracked by a unique identifier that ties each package back to the original donor, and throughout the process is strictly monitored, tracked and maintains a chain of title custody. This means each patient will know everything about the life-cycle of their purchase from the manufacturer, to distributor, to the provider and end user.

Standardized operating procedures exist throughout the entire chain of custody ensuring consistent preservation of the product. Medcore pledges peace of mind in knowing the quality of your product is supreme.

Our experience:

In 2015, we began distributing HCT/P’s for various of injuries, chronic conditions and degenerative conditions. With much success, we have helped providers facilitate over 25,000 injections to date.

Revive your life and begin your healing process.