Medcore Biologix is your distinguished provider of best-in-class HCT/Ps, meticulously in alignment with Section 361 of the PHS Act. Our offerings are primed for utilization in soft tissue, joint, and musculoskeletal injections, providing the clinical edge needed for improved patient outcomes.

Each product begins its journey as tissue, conscientiously harvested during a cesarean section procedure from a healthy donor. This process, governed by the 361-designation, stringently adheres to the criteria articulated in 21 CFR 1271.10.

Absolute traceability is fundamental to our operation. Every tissue package carries a unique identifier, enabling comprehensive tracking back to the original donor. This robust chain of custody provides a transparent snapshot of the product's life cycle, seamlessly connecting the manufacturer, distributor, provider, and the end user.

Standardized operating procedures are religiously followed throughout the chain of custody, ensuring product integrity, consistency, and maximizing therapeutic potential.

HCT/P injections represent a breakthrough in modern medicine, offering a non-surgical, therapeutic option to promote health and wellness. With inherent healing properties, these injections serve as an effective remedy for an array of conditions and injuries.

Sourced from materials such as the placenta and umbilical cord, HCT/Ps house proteins and cellular components instrumental for healing and regeneration. Our advanced technology harvests these cells, facilitating development of targeted delivery methods and robust investigation into their regenerative potential.