Understanding HCT/Ps

HCT/Ps, derived from placental tissue, harness your body's inherent healing power. These treatments offer a long-term solution, replenishing and enhancing damaged tissue—no need to live with persistent injuries that hinder your daily activities.


Can HCT/Ps Help You?

Typical areas where HCT/Ps provide relief include muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other soft tissues. They may improve mobility, increase motor function, and potentially reduce the use of pain medications. With quick recovery and minimal downtime, many patients notice considerable improvement within a week.


Where And How Are HCT/Ps Administered?

Performed in your doctor’s office, HCT/P treatments involve a simple procedure where a small needle injects HCT/P Flowable into the affected area—no surgery required. This option may be beneficial if traditional treatments have been unsuccessful.



Expect some pain for 24-48 hours as the HCT/P Flowable diffuses. Your doctor will provide guidance to manage any discomfort. Please avoid high-impact activities for several weeks as directed.


The Potency of Placental Tissue

HCT/Ps, processed in accordance with FDA and AABB regulations, utilize the unique properties of placental tissue to aid your body's natural healing process.


Is HCT/P Right For You?

To understand if HCT/P treatment can enhance your quality of life, consult your healthcare provider.

Treatable Conditions

With human cells, tissues, cellular tissue-based products there are various non-operative, personalized treatments for injuries and conditions that affect how you move and function in life.