Medcore Biologix

A premier organization uniquely focused on the management and supply of Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-based Products (HCT/Ps). We diligently adhere to the standards set by section 361 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act.

Medcore Biologix proudly delivers state-of-the-art HCT/Ps, specifically developed to enhance or replace damaged connective tissue.

These products serve as natural scaffolds for cellular attachment, a crucial process that stimulates the release of growth factors and fosters the body's natural healing response.

Our HCT/Ps offer unrivaled flexibility, effortlessly adapting to complex shapes, filling gaps, and resolving soft-tissue deficits. By choosing HCT/P treatments, you're opting for minimally invasive methods, lower risk of immune rejection, and reduced chances of complications or infection. At Medcore Biologix, we're at the cutting edge of tissue-based therapies, transforming the dream of regenerative medicine into a tangible reality.

Our Approach

At Medcore Biologix, we orchestrate a sophisticated network of concierges, dedicated to in-office HCT/P management, utilizing smart, risk-averse distribution practices. Through informed guidance, we foster accurate usage protocols, underpinned by a robust billing process.

Why Opt For HCT/P Treatments?

Outcomes speak volumes. Our advanced HCT/P therapies potentially reduce reliance on anti-inflammatory and opioid medications. Patients often experience rapid recovery, minimal disruption, and significant improvements within weeks. HCT/Ps offer a non-surgical option, administered in-office.

Treatable Conditions

With human cells, tissues, cellular tissue-based products there are various non-operative, personalized treatments for injuries and conditions that affect how you move and function in life.


Provide life changing and affordable symptom management solutions that are non-surgical. Help patients start to live a pain-free life. Learn about our human cells, tissues, cellular, tissue-based products approach here.



Get advanced symptom management solutions that are non-surgical. Start to live a life free of symptoms of discomfort. Learn about our human cells, tissues, cellular, tissue-based products here.


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