Back And Spine

Millions suffer from lower back pain world-wide.

Human Connective Tissue Matrix Is The Solution To A Common Problem

HCT/P’s can be administered to relieve chronic conditions and reduce symptoms, ultimately regenerating the damaged tissue so that the body can heal naturally.

Damaged Disc

Weakened discs can be caused by injury or brought about gradually from the daily grind, resulting in a herniated or bulging disc.

This builds pressure on the spinal nerves leading to extreme discomfort.

Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis muscle is known as the sciatic nerve, connecting the leg and hip together.

This can be the source of immense hip or buttock complications, dependent upon how the nerve sensitivity radiates through the muscle tissue.

Facet Joint Related

Facet joints are located throughout the spine. Specifically, the joint is surrounded by bones both above and below it.

These joints may commonly degrade and become weak overtime, bringing about inflammation and other symptoms, which, are known to cause mobility or muscle spasm issues.

Sacroiliac Joint Related

The sacroiliac joint connects the pelvis to the sacrum.

The sacroiliac joint usually incurs damage via fall trauma, natural wear and tear, or chronic conditions.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Discs intended to serve as shock absorbers are rendered ineffective.

The result is known to cause worsened symptoms, typically in more active areas of the body such as the lower back and neck.

Failed Back Syndrome

It’s very common for back surgery patients to experience exasperated symptoms due to chronic nerve and joint inflammation.

Occasionally, underlying spinal issues aren’t correctly diagnosed pre-surgery leading to further complications.


The irregular bend or twist of the spinal cord can restrict mobility causing worsened conditions of discs and joints.

Treatable Conditions

With human cells, tissues, cellular tissue-based products there are various non-operative, personalized treatments for injuries and conditions that affect how you move and function in life.