Foot And Ankle

Joints throughout the body such as the elbow, wrist, and ankles are equally as susceptible to chronic conditions as the larger areas in the body.

HCT/P’s have the ability to benefit all areas of the body, regardless of the target tissue’s size.

The Foot

Neuropathic conditions are often described as a severe, temporary but chronic, burning or shooting sensation. This condition can also cause numbness or tingling in the strained area.

Neuropathic conditions are associated with a damaged or dysfunctional nervous system caused by one or more damaged nerves that cause the system to malfunction.

The Ankle

The ankle joint and joints in the feet can lead to difficulty walking or standing.

Periodically these joint issues are related to underlying hip or knee complications.

Treatable Conditions

With human cells, tissues, cellular tissue-based products there are various non-operative, personalized treatments for injuries and conditions that affect how you move and function in life.